We offer a complete range of aviation support services for fixed-wing aircraft located in the South Island, New Zealand

From general maintenance to engine and component overhaul through to specialist services. Our team are well equipped and knowledgeable on the most popular general aviation aircraft, offering a full suite of services to meet operator requirements.

Having been involved in aviation for over 30 years, Aviation Teknology prides itself on the expertise of its staff, the expediency of its service and the ability to deliver consistent quality services and products to its diverse range of partners and customers.


Non-Destructive Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection using our Magnaflux Machine

Internal Borescope Inspections
Propeller Balances

Using ACES 2020HR

Computer Maintenance Tracking System
  • Using AM-WIN Aircraft Maintenance Control
  • LogBook Maintenance
Annual/Biennial Review of Airworthiness
Aircraft refurbishing - major rebuilds
Various aircraft parts

Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Radios, Gaskets, Engines, Spark Plugs, Pistons, Air Filters

Wide range of aircraft we service

Vintage Aircraft, Turbo-prop Planes, Single Engine Aircraft


If you are looking to purchase an aircraft, we offer a Pre-Purchase Inspections Service.  Please talk to Bruce or Neil for more information.

Our team are based at Richard Pearse Airport, Timaru and are happy to help answer any questions.


We Specialise in both new & used aircraft parts. Our expert team here at Avtek provide parts for leading aviation brands.

We understand the importance of superior and accessible supply chains for any aviation operation and make it our responsibility to ensure operators have the best possible parts supply and support. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, our clients gain exactly that.